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Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to replace one, multiple or all teeth. They can also be used to anchor dentures in place.


At the Prosthodontic Centre, we are able to provide all aspects of dental implant care. Both Stewart and Chee can assist you with all the steps of dental implant care, from planning through to the surgical and restorative phases. We also work closely with other specialist surgeons and periodontists, as well as highly qualified and experience dental technicians to deliver quality care on a consistent basis.

As specialist prosthodontists, we are often referred difficult cases from other dentists who provide dental implant treatment. This may be due to the complexity of the case, or in situations where there is need for remedial repair work to be carried out. We are experts in this field, so you can place your trust in us.

 Case by Dr Chee Chang


Full Arch Implant Bridge

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